Summer Skincare

Just as we modify our wardrobe for lighter clothing in summer, the same applies for our skincare regime due to the heat and humidity. We caught up with Natural Zest Skincare’s Amanda Grindrod about her top five tips for looking after your skin this summer.


Amanda Grindrod


  1. A no-brainer: use a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF30 or above and remember to reapply.
  2. Review your makeup collection; is it non-comedogenic? (A product which is made without ingredients which clog your pores.)
  3. Use more lightweight products – consider swapping heavy cream cleansers for a lighter foaming cleanser, like Natural Zest’s Bearberry Leaf Foaming Cleanser.
  4. Freshen skin with a toner – be sure to choose water-based toners, such as Natural Zest’s Sweet Orange & Neroli Facial Toner, rather than ones containing alcohol as these can dry the skin.
  5. Protect your skin from the harsh rays; stay in the shade, and wear a hat and sunglasses!




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