Sequin & Sparkle: The return of the 1980s obsession with glitz

If you’re a kid of the eighties and nineties, the sight of sequins and sparkles might bring on a serious case of déjà vu, but in fact, you’re on a date with reality because these style statements are making a colourful comeback right now.

While they may have fallen out of favour with the style powerhouses for a number of years, courting criticism for their ostentatious, some might even say, garish personality, they’ve quickly re-established themselves as the ‘go to’ for the coming seasons.
From earrings to sequin and sparkle encrusted ensembles, this ‘more is more’ aesthetic is having its moment in a loud and proud fashion. Tom Ford brought sexy back with his sparkling undergarments on the spring/summer runway, with Marc Jacobs also coming to this pretty party with his sequined garments. Christopher Kane, Fendi and Gucci are also no strangers to a bit of sequin and sparkle magic, and the trickle down effect is in full force with high street retailers embracing these embellishments.
Not for the faint hearted, history tells us this concept also has a somewhat transient nature, but don’t be despondent; anything relegated to the back of the wardrobe when it finally has the wind knocked out of it will most certainly enjoy a revival when future runways start to shine once again so invest with confidence.