Rug up to add style

Rugs are an important feature in interior design.

Living Room in Model Home

When placed properly, a rug helps to anchor the décor and furniture in a living space, particularly lounges, bedrooms, and dining areas. This helps to create a cosy environment, such as a room within a room, especially in open plan homes.

People often think of rugs, carpets, and mats, as synonyms for each other, yet they are completely different types of floor coverings.

A rug is generally smaller than a carpet, used as room décor, and mostly thick and pliable.

Mats are usually used at entrances to wipe off shoe debris, while carpets are mostly entire floor coverings, or large rugs. When it comes to the word mat, what springs to mind are door mats, exercise mats, bath mats, and table mats.

The beauty of rugs is that they come in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures, and patterns, and may be customised to fit specific areas and room décor themes. Natural and synthetic materials are used, although natural materials such as wool, cotton, jute, hemp, sisal, and silk are most popular.

An area rug in a room is beneficial for many reasons, not the least of which is their role in aesthetics. They provide comfort and warmth, and can completely transform a room.

what to look for in a rug

When selecting a rug, considerations should include how big or small, and durable, it needs to be, and does it
need colour and pattern.

Choosing the appropriate materials for your rug will help with longevity as well as aesthetics. Jute and man-made fibre rugs work well in hard wearing areas, short pile rugs are good for lots of traffic and under dining tables, while long pile rugs are good in relaxation areas, and delicate cottons and silks will fade quickly in direct sunlight.
Here are some suggestions:

NEUTRALS – Great for large areas, and for layering. Neutral rugs include materials like jute, wool, cotton, poly-blends, and bamboo silk. Using carpet and binding the edges to create a rug is also an option.
FLORAL PATTERNS – Often used as a feature to tie elements of a room together, especially to add vibrancy and life to a room full of neutrals.
COSY SHEEPSKINS – An organic vibe, usually used within a neutral colour palette, sheepskins offer cosy comfort and visual warmth. Luxuriously soft underfoot, they’re available round and rectangular, and in multiple skins designs.
VINTAGE INSPIRED – Vintage and vintage-inspired rugs suit multiple interior styles and can fit in every room in the home. Often with muted tones, they add classic and timeless interest without dominating the scheme.
HAND-MADE – Known to be superior in quality and longevity due to the fibres being attached to each other. This helps hand-knotted rugs to maintain their form for longer compared to machine-made ones.

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