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You love your neighbourhood, and the children are settled and happy in their local schools. The only catch is that the house just isn’t quite right.

You really don’t want to move away but could definitely do with more living space, skylights to brighten the bedrooms, a second bathroom, and some beautiful landscaping to bring the place together as a polished package.

With winter giving us time inside, and spring around the corner, it’s a great time to act on those daydreams about home renovation. With the right builder, you can get amazing results without needing to leave your comfort zone.
The right builder is only a phone call away. DGI Morgan Ltd is the team for anything from minor to major renovations, and they offer a full landscaping service too.

“We are always available to talk on the same day you call, and we can arrange a meeting within the week,” says Director David Morgan, “stage one is to discuss your ideas, and then can meet to pull the vision together. We will make sure we are a good fit for each other, but we are confident we will be, and that we will more than meet all of your requirements.”

The next steps involving talking about the process and clients’ goals, and finalising the design to meet the budget. “We make sure we have designed a quality product that will meet the test of time,” says David.

The team are able to provide a huge range of services in-house with sister businesses in glass and glazing, and steel and fabrication. Traditional craftsmanship is at the heart of every project. DGI Morgan Ltd not only brings the traditional can-do approach, but David is also a shipwright and boatbuilder by training, “I’m all about quality work, detailing, and high-end finishes.” Call 03 423 3533 today.

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