Euro experts at your service: Magnum Service Centre

For Auto Super Shoppe Sydenham, it’s all about a small, tight-knit team of automotive technicians.

Each key member of the team brings a wealth of experience and mechanical know-how from a wide range of automotive backgrounds, to give your pride and joy the best care possible.

Pictured: Brayden Sim, Ivo Primberis, Brian Hamilton, Riley McCallum.

Owner/operator Brian Hamilton has years of local experience under his belt. Brian started his apprenticeship in 2003, and has been a co-owner since 2017. Brian has a great reputation in customer service, and a loyal client base.

“The guys here have varied levels of expertise,” he says.
“Ivo is from Latvia, a country where European cars are very much the norm. As a result, his mechanical knowledge of European vehicles has proved an invaluable addition to what we do.

“We are lucky to also have Brayden, an energetic second-year apprentice mechanic. Brayden is in a unique position,” says Brian.
“He is able to work beside Ivo and me all day, every day, and take everything on board.”

Since 2013, Auto Super Shoppe Sydenham – formally known as Magnum Service Centre – has been taking on jobs often thought too difficult for other workshops. Now, after being situated at its Brougham Street site since November 2021, the mantra of “no job too tough” for Brian, Ivo, and Brayden still rings true.

Call the team on 03 379 5412, visit 305 Brougham St, Sydenham, or email

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