Pitcher Perfect

Funky jugs and pitchers are as cool as a glass of chilled water (or wine)! Better yet, they don’t just bring style factor to table – why not make the most of their beauty and use them in creative ways too?



Whether it’s to pour punch at a party on a balmy summer’s evening or orange juice at a breakfast buffet, the traditional jug supposedly has one single purpose – to hold liquid.

But when they’re not being used they hang out in the cupboard collecting dust, only to be pulled out for special occasions. What a waste!

Perhaps it’s time to start making a feature of these useful utensils.

While pitchers and carafes work wonderfully well as receptacles for wine and water, they’re also ideal for holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your dining table, or making a spectacle out of your boring wooden kitchen implements.

Add a pinch of pizzaz to your kitchen by adorning open shelves with a colourful collection of jugs in different shapes and sizes – you’re bound to stumble across some pretty pitchers when sifting through your local charity shops.

If you want to give your old jugs a new lease of life, consider making them into decorative features by filling simple, clear jugs with marbles, colourful stones or a thin string of fairy lights – or make them into pots for your favourite indoor flowers, herbs, cacti or other greenery!


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