Patch-up job

The word ‘patchwork’ conjures up visions of homemade quilts and cushions used from unwanted fabrics, usually passed on from grandma who had lovingly spent hours sewing the pieces together.



It certainly isn’t something you’d associate with fashion, but at last September’s New York Fashion Week, an abundance of designers took patchwork clothes and elevated them, turning them into a 2019 fashion trend. This patchwork trend argues that sometimes, just sometimes, more really is more and over the last year, we’ve seen maximalism trumping minimalism, moderation and pretty much any other kind of aesthetic balance. The textured patchwork trend continues to see maximalism take centre stage. Instead of paring down, we are layering on. Think combined textures, mixed and matched prints, and a clash of bold colours infused together.

From subtle to bold, it’s easy to embrace the trend and the trick is to choose just one patchwork piece in your entire outfit. Keep your outfit basic and opt for a patchwork coat or oversized knit jumper – it’s the absolute definition of winter-friendly patchwork clothing that can easily be integrated into your wardrobe. If you think the patchwork trend is a bit too much for you, then the simplest way to craft the on-trend winter look is to pick a piece of clothing that has a set pattern to it – (think squares, stripes, floral box prints) that is a perfect reminiscent to patchwork.


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