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If, like Winston Churchill, you are easily satisfied with the very best, then you will be thrilled with Qt Belle, Beau and Encore. These Internal Cosmetics were tested by participants in the ‘30-day challenge’ and the results are outstanding.


Participants had ‘before’ photos taken, received products and stated their improvement goals for skin, hair and nails, and were asked to rate their changes. They also received advice on healthy living. The ‘after’ photos, ratings and comments, are astonishing. Skin confidence went from 22 percent to 86 percent, strong hair from 21 percent to 80 percent, strong nails from 28 percent to 93 percent, while 79 percent of participants said their confidence had improved overall, and 90 percent will continue to use the products.

Callum Stewart, the founder of the company, says older women are particularly thrilled with the improvement in signs of aging. “We had absolute confidence we would get great results and we have been proven correct. It’s about real people and real results. Most of the participants followed the healthy lifestyle advice as well, with a volunteer struggling with psoriasis saying it had cleared, and many reporting wearing much less make-up.”

“I never understood what an internal cosmetic was, but now I can feel it from the inside and see it on the outside,” commented one participant. “The increase in confidence is a special buzz for us,” Callum says. “Repurchase rates of our uniquely successful product are stunningly high – these results come from just thirty days but the longer you take it the better.”

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