Organic themed rooms

Organic themed rooms

It’s ideal to take design cues from the characteristics of a place.


Organic themed rooms


The perfect room for a geometric or organic wallpaper might, for instance, be one with a window overlooking a stunning copper beech tree, if the chosen pattern repeats the leaf shape or colour. So before going shopping, take a couple of pictures in the room. Which architectural shapes and scales are already on site? Look at the window shapes and sizes. Which shapes or patterns outside are within view?

If there’s an organic theme you can repeat, that’s often a successful strategy. We love repeated pattern, or shades of the same colour. Our eyes crave a certain amount of order and repetition. For an organically-themed room, it feels good to include something natural or rustic, like a vase of blooms or a potted tree. We love symmetry and we also delight in the restful qualities of green.

Vary the scale of similar shapes in other furnishings. To finish your room, it’s fun to add something unexpected, slightly crazy, or whimsical. Don’t over-think it. Often the parting touch on a successful scheme happens almost by accident.



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