Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

When it comes to the humble abode, the expression ‘your house is your castle’ is something we’ve long held to be true.


Pillow Talk


At the heart of this saying is the understanding that your home should be the antidote to stress, not the cause of it. Furnishings and, more specifically, the comfort they create, are key to ensuring this mandate is upheld.  While the expression ‘pillow talk’ has long had a rather lighthearted innuendo, we’re reinventing the vocabulary wheel with this one and imbuing it with style instead!

The pillow/cushion is a practicality in our homes and it’s also the perfect accent for spaces parched of personality.  From small in size to large, floor based options, this decorative accent has transformative power, helping to tie in colours and introduce layers and texture to a space. From the boudoir to the balcony, there are options for every occasion and better yet, many of these are flexible by nature and will play to their strengths in different settings.

A monochrome colour scheme offers a play-it-safe foray into working with these accents, and when you’ve built your confidence, you can start to experiment with bold hues, statement prints and patterns.



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