Lockdown lowdown: Earth Organic Hairdressing

Packet dyes were flying off the shelf and home-cut fringes and bangs were in full swing during lockdown. So, we caught up with Traci Aylmer, from Earth Organic Hairdressing, to talk to her about how COVID affected them.



How has the team worked together during and after lockdown?
We have a work group chat ‘Earth Matters’ and we use this regularly anyway to keep in touch. During lockdown we shared recipes, what we were doing that day, TV inspo etc. It was good because we could still talk about how we were all feeling, which changed on a daily basis. When you spend so much time together you really miss those connections. We had a couple of video staff meetings which were hilarious, none of us are comfy in front of a camera and we dealt with this in a typically fun way. I also built an online store, www.earthorganicshop.co.nz. That was a challenge and totally out of my comfort zone.

What have the clients been like post lockdown? Did you find you were significantly busier?
Our clients are totally awesome! They have been patient, kind and incredibly loyal. We haven’t had many box dyes or mad fringes.
I stayed in touch with our clients throughout lockdown and I think this helped. Hopefully, they felt cared about. Our landlords at 181 High Street were also incredibly kind which lessened the stress. We have been booked out since we opened and are booked way into July.

Is there anything exciting to announce/coming up for Team Earth?
Lots of exciting cutting/colouring courses and EVO is coming to Earth…. very exciting.


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