Lawn in order

A luscious lawn is the pride of many gardeners; an ongoing challenge of which the results signify habitual care, attention, and expertise. If you’re a green thumb who thrives off having a thriving lawn, Metropol has compiled some lesser-known tips to help you on your quest.



Short lawns are popular for an appealing, manicured appearance. But, the shorter your grass the more susceptible those green stalks become to disease and pests, as well as to dryness and dead patches. Instead, consider letting things go a little (to between 5 and 7cm) and only trimming by a third. This should leave you with a soft, carpet-like look – perfect those late summer picnics and games
of BYC.

Your hairdresser sharpens their scissors regularly for a reason: Blunt blades make messy cuts. When it is grass being cut, a blunt cut can also open up the chance
for disease to set in. For push mowers,
you can purchase drill attachments
which sharpen blades (so you don’t have to remove them from the mower).
Have a ride on? Talk to your dealer or
refer to the manual for sharpening instructions.

Freshly mowed grass not only smells delicious, but is entirely reusable. Before you chuck it in your green bin, why not consider…nothing? Leaving grass clipping where they land as mulch feeds the lawn and helps retain moisture. Or, pop it in the compost (turning often) and use it as mulch for other plants.


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