Healthy hair, healthy you: Hairmantra

Much like visiting the dentist, periodic check-ups for your hair and scalp health could benefit you long term. Why wait until visible signs of hair loss, baldness, or alopecia emerge? Metropol caught up with Dr Padmaja Redekar of Hairmantra to find out more about how to keep on top of your up top.



You should especially visit the clinic if there’s a known genetic heritage or if you’re experiencing any hair issues. But, sometimes it’s as simple as just needing a helping hand with basic hair hygiene, for example what type of comb to use, how climate effects your scalp.

So how can Hairmantra help you? It all starts with a consultation, followed by a microscope (60x and 150x) analysis where the clinic will look into your hair bulbs and strands. From there, low level laser therapy or appropriate hair products and supplements will be suggested.

Dr Redekar’s goal is to educate and provide her clients with the proper knowledge on how small changes, according to their lifestyle, can make a big difference.

After treatments, clients may start seeing changes as soon as 15 days, she says.

Curious if Hairmantra is the right fit for you? Dr Redekar is happy to have a free no-obligation conversation. Contact her on 021 069 0058 or email


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