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They say the early bird gets the worm… but sometimes it can be hard to leave the nest in the morning. Maybe you’re struggling to find the motivation to go to the gym – again – this week. It’s all about working out the workout that best fits you.

Swimming is a great cardiovascular activity that works your whole body. If you’re heading to a pool, a good starting point is three times a week for around 20 minutes. Naturally, it will be easier to get in the water during the warmer months, but indoor pools allow for year-round swimming. The best part? Exercise with no sweat!

Pole dancing is a topic often danced around in conversation because of the industry it derives from, which seems ironic considering that’s exactly what the exercise consists of. Making it’s way into the mainstream, pole fitness is another complete body workout (particularly your upper body, core and thighs) that requires dancers to hold up their own body weight.

Whilst it’s always great to exercise outdoors, we’re not going to pretend like lockdown didn’t happen last year. Using a fitness video game can be a fun way to switch it up, games like Just Dance, Wii Fit and Nike+ Kinect Training. Not to mention it can be an inclusive, hilarious way to get the whole family moving indoors.

It may not be possible for everyone to run away to the circus. But there is a way to live out your Cirque du Soleil fantasy – ariel arts classes. Whether you opt for silks, hoop or the trapeze, these are all full body workouts that will build strength in your arms, shoulders, upper body and core.

Fitness boxing is a great way to punch out your weekly recommended physical activity, without having to take the hits from an opponent like in traditional boxing. It improves endurance, strength, gets your heart going and not to mention there is the hidden benefit of learning some form of self-defence.


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