Healthy hair, healthy you: Hairmantra

Much like visiting the dentist, periodic check-ups for your hair and scalp health could benefit you long term. Why wait until visible signs of hair loss, baldness, or alopecia emerge? Metropol caught up with Dr Padmaja Redekar of Hairmantra to find out more about how to keep on top of your up top.     […]


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Hairmantra

While the balding process is entrenched in our psyche as a common rite of passage for men of a certain age, female pattern thinning is almost as common, but much less known, let alone discussed.     Dr Padmaja Redekar, of Hairmantra Trichology Clinic says because women rarely develop bald patches, their hair can thin […]


Help for hair loss: Hairmantra

Dr Padmaja Redekar, certified Trichologist at Hairmantra says that our hair is a very clear barometer of issues within the body. Gradual or sudden hair loss, or loss of any scalp condition can be an emotional and physical blow which can be medically worrying for the sufferer. Hair fall can happen to anyone at any […]