Fashionably Sustainable

Fashionably Sustainable

These days, all socially and environmentally responsible citizens find themselves in a battle to reduce personal impacts on the earth. For many, it’s been this way for decades. But levels of urgency, worldwide, are ramping up with every passing month.

Fashionably Sustainable

It’s become increasingly shameful to carry your bread and butter home in plastic bags, or even to drink coffee from a takeaway cup.
The idea of investing in great-quality, natural-fibre clothing which lasts season after season is certainly not at odds with sustainable intentions. It’s fast, throw-away-next-season fashion that’s the new immorality.

So here’s a novel idea, or maybe just a good one to revisit: Before giving away clothes you no longer like (because bin-waste is so last-decade), consider whether some tailoring would render them fabulous.
The truth is inherently foolish; many of us are tipped into buying primarily because of the adrenalin rush of a deal at a 70 percent off sale. Once home and in the harsh light of day reflected from your own candid mirror, that cinch of a bargain isn’t so flash.

How about a nip and a tuck, or a re-hemming? It’s amazing what can happen when a piece of clothing stops at a flattering level on your body, rather than the opposite. Tailoring is an investment in sartorial longevity plus extra personal flair. It’s environmental up-cycling.

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