Editor’s Perspective: August 15 2019

“If I asked you to name all of the things you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?” – Anonymous



At a recent team building breakfast, we had to open envelopes and discuss the questions inside as a clever way to invoke conversation between those present. However, it seems nobody in our table of women had a quick answer for ‘What’s your favourite part of your body?’ In fact, one of lovely ladies I was enjoying breakfast with that day recognised that, “this would be a lot easier if we were listing things we dislike!”

And yet, our bodies are capable of the most amazing things, automatically, every single day, and we take them for granted, focusing instead on the pimples, the wrinkles and the stretchmarks that cover them. Perhaps it’s time we change our perspective on our bodies and start reminding ourselves every day just how amazing our bodies are.

Did you know alcohol is actually poisonous to us and the body cannot excrete it? So our clever livers transform it into something it can excrete so the toxins don’t poison us. While the ability to grow a baby inside us is amazing on its own, breastmilk actually changes its composition to meet the nutritional needs of the baby or babies. So if you express milk and line it up on the bench, you’ll see a beautiful rainbow of shades to illustrate the changes.

There are millions of amazing processes that our bodies do every single day and I don’t think any one of them is less impressive. So don’t forget to remind yourself every day just how amazing you are.



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