Design defying gravity

One of the coolest bathroom trends of 2020 is floating vanities. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, they can create an illusion of size and space.


Double floating vanities are a practical way to free up floor area.

Because of their clean, minimalistic look, you can update and transform your space without compromising the overall interior design.

A beach-house bathroom, for example, morphs from tired and drab into something sleek and edgy.

Patterned tiles and handsome hardware paired with a white floating vanity bring a timeless elegance, while textured finishes or grained woods make for a visually stunning statement.

Restrict the colour palette alongside floating vanities to two to three colours and cut the clutter – less is, after all, more.

From rustic to modern, floating vanities add pizazz to your bathroom and make cleaning a breeze. What’s not to love?


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