Buzzwords of Beauty

Buzzwords are the latest and greatest of things to hit an industry and, when it comes to beauty, there’s no shortage of products and concepts that are set to revolutionise our skincare regimes. We’ve pulled out some of the latest lingo that’s bouncing around the beauty world



Gender-fluid: Makeup has long been seen as a feminine practice for women to flourish in. The industry targeted women to buy their products and rarely threw their bone to the other ’50 percent’. Thanks to male influencers like Jeffree Star, James Charles and Manny MUA, the world of makeup has had a shakeup. And we can’t forget the transgender queens; Nikita Dragun, Gigi Gorgeous and Nikkie de Jager, big names which are helping to blur the lines and push the boundaries.

Multi-tasking: Despite having 24 hours in the day, a lot of the time it feels like we have next to no time to do anything. That’s why products that can both simplify and shorten our skincare routine are worth investing in. The idea of a product that can multi-task and offer a 4-in-1 or a 3-in-1, is something worth getting behind.

Clean cosmeceuticals: Not everyone will read the back of the label from start to finish with a list of ingredients of what’s inside. So, it’s good to buy from a company you can trust and have a reputation for creating quality products. There’s this belief that natural-based beauty is not as effective than its synthetic alternatives and that’s not the case. Naturally-derived skincare measures up to and in some instances beats out its competition.

#sponsored: It’s hard to be on Instagram or any social media platform and not be aware of what an influencer is… they’re everywhere. They’ll usually be busy showing us a highlight reel of their life, telling us about their new dog, boyfriend or makeup launch. But it’s the #sponsored hashtag that they have to add to their paid posts that is what makes things interesting. Obviously they can choose who they collaborate with but it can be hard deciding if they really ‘can’t live their life without a certain product’, or if that’s the dollar signs talking.


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