Barbecue Korean style!

“E-guh mah-sitneh-yo,” that’s Korean for, “this is tasty” and it’s something you should learn before going to Ye-Chon BBQ and Restaurant.



You can sit at your table and BBQ a wide selection of beef, pork, duck and lamb right in front of you, sharing the intimacy of face to face with friends.

It’s not just charcoal BBQ though; there is wide range of premade authentic Korean dishes to choose from, including a great selection of smaller ‘street’ dishes like, Gim Wrap – a traditional dish of deep-fried glass noodles wrapped in seaweed – all the way through to Kimchi Stew; totally delicious!

With a great atmosphere and friendly staff, there’s something on the menu for even the fussiest eater.

There’s a great family menu so the kids will be happy too and perhaps mum and dad can try Soju, a tasty Korean beverage.

Or you can sit back with something from the great wine list, like a Pegasus Bay Riesling or an Asahi beer.

With individual table ventilation systems, it’s true charcoal BBQ without the smoke.

Renowned for their good size portions and being a fun way to share food with friends, why not try a great style of eating at Ye-Chon BBQ and Restaurant.

Find Ye-Chon at the Windmill Centre, opposite ANZ, at 95 Riccarton Road. There’s plenty of parking and it’s open from 11:30am till late. Phone 03 341 3314. “Jeulgyeo” means enjoy!


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