Cold climate plants

Many native and exotic plants, shrubs, and trees available in New Zealand are tougher than they look, surviving low temperatures, droughts, frosts, poor soil, and occasional neglect or improper care. Seasonal changes bring challenges for gardeners, especially in colder climate areas such as Canterbury. The trick is to choose plants that survive and thrive in […]

Passport not required: Stay Geraldine

Ask a Christchurch resident what they know of Fiery Peak, and chances are, they will guess a volcanic hot-spot on some far-flung continent. Uh-uh. Guess again. Fiery Peak numbers alongside the many mountains of our own Southern Alps, and can be appreciated in all its splendour while breakfasting in bed. Stay Geraldine’s new luxury accommodation, […]

Add a glow to your cedar cladding: Cedar Tech

Cedar is known as the Rolls-Royce of cladding systems. Just like any premium product, it requires a premium and specialist level of service to maintain it. If you own a cedar-clad home or are looking at buying or building, denying maintenance requirements won’t make them go away. Cedar maintenance and restoration is a specialist trade, […]

Exceptional food, impeccable service: No.31 Restaurant

Hanmer Springs is known for its many attractions, such as thermal pools, jet boating on the Waiau River, bungy jumping in the Waiau Gorge and many more adventures besides. So it is hardly surprising that there is a multi-award winning restaurant in the village as well. No. 31 Restaurant is located in a quaint, charming […]

Homes to get your heart racing: Heartland Homes

Our heart rate mirrors our feelings. When someone or something we love comes into view, it can send those beats per minute soaring. When relaxed and secure, the heartbeat returns to its comfortable resting rate. A Heartland home can have this very effect on people. The excitement of love at first sight leads to a […]

Clean paws, happy dogs: K9000 Dog Wash

As the cold, wet weather sets in, it can be a struggle to keep your canine clean. Bathing dogs at home often leads to a mess, with fur and dirt clogging up your bath or shower. This winter, treat your dog, and yourself, to the convenience of the K9000 Dog Wash Systems. Located at vet […]

One step ahead: Me Time Wellness

Two of the most sought-after technologies in the aesthetics market have arrived at one Christchurch salon. HIFU (or micro and macro focused ultrasound) and Emslim Nova are the latest additions at the Me Time Wellness salon. Stimulating the production of collagen and elastin through thermal coagulation points deposited in different layers of the skin, HIFU […]

Hidden opportunities: Ricoh NZ

Digital experiences to meet the needs of a hybrid workplace hinge on doing things automatically, and at scale. In today’s business environment, the digital transformation imperative is embrace automation today, or go out of business tomorrow. In other words, automation is critical to success in the modern world, and those who don’t take advantage of […]

A trusted team: White Fox & Jones

With increased compliance and accountability requirements on trusts, now is the time to review your asset management plans. Trusts have historically been a common tool for holding assets such as property and investments, and are helpful for estate planning. While trusts can still have a place in modern life, including potentially protecting the assets of […]

Create a sleep oasis

For centuries, silk has been a material prized for its unique hypoallergenic properties and ability to regulate body temperature. Experience the same luxury with mulberry silk duvets and pillows. With premium long-strand silk, the team at Silk Sensation craft such products to provide unparalleled sleeping comfort and breathability. “As soon as you use it, you […]