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Winter often sees fitness classes swapped for fireside sessions, and while cosying indoors feels great, unfortunately, lack of exercise can make us more susceptible to pain.

Up to 80% of pain is caused by trigger points activated by factors such as emotional, or exogenous/endogenous related issues. Me Time Wellness offers a treatment that can identify trigger points, giving a new command for the body to stop defending itself, resulting in pain relief.

“Neural silence therapy is highly efficient, has no contraindications, does not cause pain, and inBrazil is widely used for sciatica, torticollis, lower back pain and other muscular dysfunctions,” owner Vanessa Krambeck says.

Recently introduced, the buccal face massage, or intra-oral facial, sculpts, contours, and defines without resorting to technology. During a buccal massage, the facial and chewing muscles of the face are worked.

This massage is especially recommended for those who suffer from bruxism, a condition where involuntary clenching of the jaw and grinding of teeth occurs, and, as a result, hypertonicity of the masticatory muscles. Lymphatic drainage and muscle tension release creates space between the muscle, the skin and the remaining structures, allowing toxins to flush outwards while oxygen and cellular nutrition flow upwards to the skin.

Along with a more symmetrical, brighter and youthful appearance, other benefits include improved muscle tone, de-puffing, and enhancement of the face’s “oval line”. The buccal massage is a beautiful and non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation.


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