Paint and snack in North Canterbury

Paint and sip is becoming a popular activity choice in spurs of boredom. Yet, finding something beautiful that inspires creative expression when you need it often becomes the obstacle.

Such awe-inspiring views can be found in scenic North Canterbury. However, this destination area requires a small distance to travel, so we introduce a road-trip-friendly alternative, the paint and snack.

North Canterbury’s sweeping landscapes, rolling hills, and snowcapped mountain views become a grand backdrop for a beautiful painting. Choose a crisp winter day, layer up in warm clothing, load the car with crafts and a canvas, and go heavy on snacks.

Set up inside your warm car, or choose one of many picturesque parks and domains to lay a picnic blanket down, or find a convenient table.

To prepare, search the crafts container for watercolours or water-based paint, a range of brushes to achieve multiple techniques, and a paint palette for ease, or purchase supplies on the way.

Go with a classic picnic lunch, or hone in on savoury or sweet morsels. All you have to do is ensure you will enjoy the combination of artistic fun and delicious food. If it’s a group affair, set a theme, and encourage each person to bring something to eat that corresponds. The last thing to do is paint, and snack.

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