Plan for sustainability

When aiming for a sustainable build, planning is essential. Work together with experienced architects and designers who share a passion for sustainability to ensure a smooth process and that no materials are wasted. When designing or renovating, consider adaptive reuse of existing structures. Transforming old buildings into new spaces may be more sustainable than starting […]

Shower in style

Summer fun and life in the backyard pool, or at the beach, doesn’t have to result in a trail of wet footprints tracked through the house or bach. Setting up an outdoor shower may be as simple or as stylishly integrated as you choose. From a rainfall shower head mounted in a private location, to […]

Casual chic

Quiet luxury, and the rise of Victoria Beckham’s namely ‘posh’ style have brought a resurgence in comfortable and casual, yet utterly chic dressing. Living a casual chic lifestyle all comes down to styling and a complementary colour scheme. Neutral tones ooze elegance, navy, browns, beige, and creams, splashed with gold to accessorise. Avoid more than […]

Goodies for little ones: Baby Hub

Find beautiful and functional gifts for a parent to be, or the littlest one in your family at this Rangiora store. At independent specialised baby shop, Baby Hub, you’ll find a plethora of items that’ll make parenting a little easier. Owner Amanda Sansom has amost 20 years of experience in the industry, and is a […]

Summer stunners: Off The RAC

This summer’s fashion scene explores the colour spectrum’s most vibrant hues – from the bright and vivid, to the exotic and tropical. Citrus and tangerines, hot pinks, electric blues and eye-catching emeralds exemplify the feel of the season – exuberance. Off The RAC presents a sensational summer collection; a curation of leading labels that excel […]

Your brand matrix: Michael Jenkins, Metros Marketing

Thinking about global brands that have mastered the art of branding, those that jump out at me are the likes of McDonald’s, Apple, Nike, and Cadbury. Cadbury had a unique branding campaign a few years ago. They packaged their chocolate bars in a plain purple wrapper, with no logo or words. The takeaway from this […]

Supreme winning build

“Z-home” in Fendalton, pictured, built by John Creighton Builders won the National Supreme House of the Year over $1 million, and New Home over $4 million category, in the 2023 Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition. Judges say the house takes design innovation to a whole new “work-of-art” level, built after the original […]

Trading political values: PB Employment Law

The Coalition agreement has been signed, and what I find interesting is the message this sends: principles and values are no more than an optional extra to be traded away at will. No real surprise here, given that we are talking about politicians. Given the enormous amount of borrowing Labour did in their last term, […]

Informed solutions: Nathan Miglani

The market and political landscape of New Zealand is looking steadier and steadier as we head towards Christmas. One of the most promising global trends is the gradual ease in inflation rates, signalling potential relief for the economy. While we hope for a downward trajectory in 2024, the next 6-9 months will paint a clearer […]

Do you breathe effectively?: The Lung Mechanic

Effective breathing feels easy, your breath is smooth, quiet, steady, and controlled. You feel relaxed, as though you are receiving enough air without any physical strain. Ineffective breathing causes a range of unhealthy symptoms most commonly experienced as breathlessness, chest pain, palpitations, anxiety, and the feeling of not getting enough air in,” says Catherine George […]