Beautifully cool healing: Cryosystem

Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures to stimulate physical and mental health benefits. The latest innovation, The Cryo-Facial combines traditional beauty therapy with cryotherapy and is quickly becoming the coolest way to deliver overall health, beauty and wellness. The Cryotherapy Facial is emerging as the go-to for cryo-clients who are […]

Hula your way to fitness

Weighted hula hoops have come out as one of the biggest international fitness trends this year. Other trends gaining plenty of enthusiasts include ZUU, stroller fitness, reverse running and trapeze classes. They were revealed in a new study by UK-based PureGym, which analysed worldwide Google search data for over 100 different fitness trends to calculate […]

Longer lives tied to physical activity

New research shows why people live longer, and it’s likely because they are more physically active. Researchers from Harvard University in the USA used evolutionary and biomedical evidence showing that people, who evolved to live many decades after they stopped reproducing, also evolved to be relatively active in their later years. The researchers say that […]

Hit the trail

North Canterbury is home to a growing number of cycle trails, suitable for all ages. Here are some to try next time you’re in the area. Amberley to Leithfield 8.3km, 1 hour Stage 1 of the Amberley Area Cycle Trails (AACT) is open so you can now cycle, walk or run safely between Amberley and […]

Fruity summer delights

Stone fruit is one of the great joys of summertime. Peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots; there is no need to mess with the delectable flavours of these beauties, which can be enjoyed fresh all summer. If you want to create stone fruit magic in the kitchen, the options are deliciously endless. So too are ways to […]

A true Greek delight: Athens Yacht Club

A whole lot of passion and love goes into creating the Greek destination that is The Athens Yacht Club. Beautiful food and a warm, welcoming atmosphere make the restaurant a standout in Christchurch’s dining scene, that has people coming back time and time again. Its specialty is Greek cuisine, offered with professional service and a […]

Summer essentials

With the festive season behind us and several weeks still to enjoy summer, it’s a terrific time to stock up on some essentials that are great in the outdoors while adding a touch of luxury to outings and activities. The great outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to forgo great coffee too. Aeropress Go is perfect […]

Lemongrass mussels: Everdure by Heston

Ingredients Coconut reduction • 2g cardamom pods • 40g lemongrass • 1 kaffir lime leaves • 2g coriander seeds • 400g coconut milk • 160g coconut cream Mussels and mussel juice • 500g mussels • 100g white wine Mussel ‘stew’ • 1 Tbsp olive oil • 1 garlic clove, peeled and finely chopped • 5g […]

Vodka & Italian blood orange: Fever-Tree

This simple drink embraces the well-rounded natural flavours of rich, juicy oranges and aromatic herbs. Together, the combination creates a sweetness even the zesty lemon garnish can’t take away. • 50ml Vodka • Fever-Tree Italian Blood Orange Soda, to top up • Twist of lemon peel, to garnish Add the vodka to a copa or […]

Fish Nicoise Salad with Crispy White Beans and Mustard Mayo

Courtesy of My Food Bag Ingredients Salad 1 can cannellini beans, drained & rinsed 2 tsp oil 2 eggs 200g green beans 1 lettuce, roughly chopped 4 tomatoes cut into wedges 2 tsp white wine vinegar Fish 600g market fish French seasoning (1 tsp lemon pepper, 1/2 tsp dried tarragon, 1/4 tsp ground fennel, 1/4 […]