ABI Piers

Adjustable height steel pier: ABI Piers

“How much money are we wasting on substandard EQC Repairs?” This is a question Nigel Colenso’s, Director and inventor for ABI Piers’ adjustable base isolation system asked – and answered with the company’s new product, the adjustable height steel pier.

ABI Piers


The ABI Piers Adjustable Height Steel Pier is affordable, incredibly durable, easy to fit, and can be used in your home’s foundation. If any ground settlement or movement occurs, it can be adjusted back to the level it was before the latest shake.
ABI Piers Director Chris Colenso says, “ABI Piers Adjustable Height Steel Pier bolts your house firmly to its foundations, is fast to install on new builds or easily retrofitted to existing houses, and makes it faster, easier and cheaper to put your house back to original level after the next quake.
“With almost daily reports of dodgy repairs to a reported thousands of substandard house foundations in Christchurch, we think it’s time that proper, permanent foundation repairs are carried out before the value of the entire Christchurch second hand property market becomes infected by the scandal.”

How does it improve on the dodgy repairs that have become common around Christchurch? You first unbolt the pier sliders, jack the whole house back to level, then simply re-adjust the piers to the correct height and re-bolt them. Remove the jacks and your house is back to pre-earthquake condition. Faster repairs mean less disruption for the homeowner and lower overheads for the insurer/EQC, therefore less arguments.
The ABI Piers adjustable height steel pier was especially developed to enable owners of buildings with raised floors to repair their foundations “once and for all”. The system is fast to install and easy to adjust post-quake. It’s great for modular homes, cabins too, and works on all types of land, including TC3. ABI Piers are available in four standard heights and in configurations for various building styles, including ‘base isolation’.

Visit www.abipiers.com to find out more.