Polished Diamonds

A lifetime of happiness

Based at its plush New Regent Street location, Polished Diamonds – Jewllery Design, is in the business of sweeping people off their feet with its custom-made rings.


Polished Diamonds


Using cutting-edge technology and traditional handcraftsmanship, diamond rings, remodelling, repairs and adjustments are completed at the best price and the highest quality standards.

Customers can preview designs in actual proportion using the very clever architectural design software.

Ladies can design their perfect engagement or anniversary ring and then drop the hint, safe in the knowledge they’ll get the ring of their dreams, designed to fit his budget.

Polished Diamonds’ custom-made rings provide a beautiful opportunity for synergy with future pieces.

“Because we draw a CAD model of the wedding ring, we can use this in a year or two for an anniversary ring to sit on the other side, baby arrivals and ‘any excuse’ rings.”

A lifetime of happiness just became that little bit easier thanks to Polished Diamonds.


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