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Labour of love: Polished Diamonds

It has been a two-year labour of love to design and merchandise the new website for Polished Diamonds – Jewellery Design, now live at


The attention to detail this plush, parlour-esque haven on New Regent Street is renowned for is evident in the care and attention that has gone into the website, where you have the ability to configure your engagement ring online.

There are more than 400 ring designs, diamond studs, pendants, luxurious bracelets and 10,000 plus certified diamonds.

You can mix and match to create the perfect partnership between budget and style.

The website is as beautiful as it is interesting and easy to navigate, with extensive blog articles about diamond cutting, diamond colour, diamond fashions, and live chat for personal service.

Locally made custom jewellery from award-winning Polished Diamonds, shop online or visit the stunning showroom at 30 New Regent Street, phone 0800 233 299.


Where tech and beauty combine

Matters of the heart always deserve exceptional care and quality. Thankfully, bespoke diamond jewellery creator Polished Diamonds – Jewellery Design – is an expert when it comes to delivering both.


Polished Diamonds

Working at the highest quality point with competitive pricing and a lifetime guarantee, Dan and his team are turning exquisite and designer dreams into tangible reality.

They live and breathe their stunning range of diamonds and other precious stones they can fashion into lifelong keepsakes that transcend generations.

Perfection and precision is the goal when bringing a concept to fruition using a state-of-the-art CAD system.

“We custom make each ring to ensure the ultimate engineering precision,” owner Daniel Joines says.

“Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology enables our clients to see the proportions of their ring before it is made and work to 0.01mm – less than a human hair – because we recognise that precision is the difference between ordinary and the ‘wow factor’.”

Explore the priceless possibilities at 30 New Regent Street, or phone 0800 233 299.


Polished Diamonds

A lifetime of happiness

Based at its plush New Regent Street location, Polished Diamonds – Jewllery Design, is in the business of sweeping people off their feet with its custom-made rings.


Polished Diamonds


Using cutting-edge technology and traditional handcraftsmanship, diamond rings, remodelling, repairs and adjustments are completed at the best price and the highest quality standards.

Customers can preview designs in actual proportion using the very clever architectural design software.

Ladies can design their perfect engagement or anniversary ring and then drop the hint, safe in the knowledge they’ll get the ring of their dreams, designed to fit his budget.

Polished Diamonds’ custom-made rings provide a beautiful opportunity for synergy with future pieces.

“Because we draw a CAD model of the wedding ring, we can use this in a year or two for an anniversary ring to sit on the other side, baby arrivals and ‘any excuse’ rings.”

A lifetime of happiness just became that little bit easier thanks to Polished Diamonds.


Via Sollertia

Desirable Innovation: Via Sollertia

The team at Via Sollertia understands that the ring becomes a part of you, an extension of your essence and simply being stunningly beautiful just isn’t enough anymore.


Via Sollertia


Design innovation is as elemental as air and water to Via Sollertia and Clare loves “that we have created something beautiful to solve a problem”.

She is talking about Via Sollertia’s own diamond-shaped ring keeper necklace. The ring keeper necklace was forged by the desire of women who do physical work, or jobs requiring continuous handwashing, to keep their precious ring completely safe, yet still wear it. You can display the necklace and ring, or tuck it safely into your top.


Via Sollertia


When your ring is nestling on your finger, the necklace stands alone as a fabulous piece. “We were challenged to design a product and it has become desirable in its own right,” she says. The ring keeper necklaces are bespoke to you, plus sizing and angles ensure your ring stays put. Doctor, drainlayer, dishwasher or busy mum, you need this clever little beauty.





Via Sollertia

Celebrating the jewellery of love: Clare from Via Sollertia

Designing has always been what floats Clare’s boat. Training initially as an architect, the Manager of Via Sollertia knew that jewellery design was actually where her heart lay. It still does.

Via Sollertia

Which is kind of great for someone who collaborates with couples over rings; the symbols of their enduring love.
Clare custom-designs for both locals and clients across the globe, from Via Sollertia’s New Regent Street boutique. Increasingly she’s asked for peachy, pinky, champagne-coloured diamonds in oval, marquise and pear-shaped engagement rings.
The stones and metallics at Clare’s atelier are spectacular. She lights up when talking about cuts of diamond and how a jewel will sit on a hand; matters of size, proportion and reflective qualities… all brilliant designer elements of every bespoke gift.