Via Sollertia

Desirable Innovation: Via Sollertia

The team at Via Sollertia understands that the ring becomes a part of you, an extension of your essence and simply being stunningly beautiful just isn’t enough anymore.


Via Sollertia


Design innovation is as elemental as air and water to Via Sollertia and Clare loves “that we have created something beautiful to solve a problem”.

She is talking about Via Sollertia’s own diamond-shaped ring keeper necklace. The ring keeper necklace was forged by the desire of women who do physical work, or jobs requiring continuous handwashing, to keep their precious ring completely safe, yet still wear it. You can display the necklace and ring, or tuck it safely into your top.


Via Sollertia


When your ring is nestling on your finger, the necklace stands alone as a fabulous piece. “We were challenged to design a product and it has become desirable in its own right,” she says. The ring keeper necklaces are bespoke to you, plus sizing and angles ensure your ring stays put. Doctor, drainlayer, dishwasher or busy mum, you need this clever little beauty.





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