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There’s a somewhat erroneous train of thought out there around the subject of dentures as to maintenance and cleaning, with some people believing that once their dentures are fitted, they can more or less forget about them. Ryan Carlton of Dentures Plus cautions against
this casual attitude.



“Just because it’s dentures, it doesn’t mean they can be neglected. Dentures can harbour bacteria and build up plaque and tartar much the same as real teeth,” he says.

Ryan recommends that those with a complete set of dentures have a check-up every one to two years, while those with partial dentures have a yearly check-up.

Another thing to be aware of as regards to denture oral health is any unusual lesions or abnormalities presenting in the mouth.

“If oral cancer is discovered, for example, the earlier it’s detected, the better,” says Ryan.

Dentures Plus offers a cleaning service that treats dentures with the Australian made Caldent, a denture cleaning product that’s only available at denture clinics, and which Ryan attests “makes dentures look really good!”

For a daily cleaning regime, products such as brushes, baths and soaking solutions can be ordered online from Dentures Plus, ensuring all denture wearers have complete confidence that their smile is little short of fabulous.

Call (03) 385 5517 or visit the website below to make an appointment.


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