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Accidents and illness happen, and life changes daily with sunrise and sunset. Being prepared for unexpected change, such as a death in the family, can often make it easier for those left to move forward.

“Leaving this world without a clear legal will can create chaos for loved ones left to sort things out, and they might not guess correctly what you wanted,” says Pegasus Bay Law director Robyn Loversidge.

“Don’t leave it to chance. The worst case scenario is that your legacy is a family feud.

“Making a will takes the burden from your family and sets out your wishes. You can leave sentimental items to the people you want to have them, and can protect minor beneficiaries.”

Robyn says wills should also be updated regularly, and she recommends every five years to reflect life’s changes such as getting married, buying a house and starting a family.

She also advises putting enduring powers of attorney into place while you can choose who is best to assist you if you are no longer capable of making your own decisions.

Easily accessed in Christchurch and Kaiapoi, the team at Pegasus Bay Law can be reached by calling the Christchurch office on 03 386 2211, the Kaiapoi office
03 928 1215, emailing reception@pegasusbaylaw.co.nz or visiting the website below.


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