150 reasons to visit Hurunui

The ultimate list of reasons to visit North Canterbury’s Hurunui region is here. The hot pools and Hanmer village are obvious destinations, but there are also other treasures to discover.

Visit Hurunui launched an online campaign in April and called on local tourism operators, residents and visitors to share their favourite reasons for visiting one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets.

Visit Hurunui marketing manager Shane Adcock says they were overwhelmed with submissions.

“We received more than 500 reasons, ranging from the cute and quirky to the nostalgic.

“What came through all the submissions was that many Kiwis have grown up visiting Hurunui and they’ve created – and continue to create – special memories across generations.”

Shane says he is really grateful that people were willing to share their favourite holiday, walking, coffee or fishing spots because he knows just how much these places mean to people.

Top reasons from the final list include:

• “Cow Stream Hot Pools in the St James area are perhaps one of the best-kept secrets ever!”
• “Getting off the grid at Gore Bay where my family and I can sometimes be the only ones on the expansive beach.”
• “Georges Road is dotted with wineries and a sculpture park, making for an amazing day out.”

To view the full list go to visithurunui.co.nz

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