Keeping your valuables safe: Commonwealth Vault

“As good as gold” is a favourite saying for Kiwis, and no wonder.

The love of gold runs through our veins just as it runs through the quartz veins of Otago schist. Driven by rapidly rising inflation, higher interest rates, and unexpected geopolitical risk, gold is once again king of the hill.

Currently increasing in value at a significant rate, gold stood out as an effective hedge in the first quarter of 2022, leaping eight percent. This is its best performance since the second quarter of 2020 according to a report by the World Gold Council.

A further two percent rise in March sees gold as among the best performing assets amidst significant weakness in both equity and bond markets. In a period marked by increased economic uncertainty and increased volatility, gold is again proving a reliable source of diversification and wealth preservation.

“Gold has historically performed well amid high inflation,” says Jerome Concisom, CEO of Commonwealth Vault in Christchurch. “In years when inflation has been higher than three percent, gold’s price increased on average 14 percent. Current rapidly rising inflation and unexpected geopolitical risks more than offset the drag from higher nominal rates.

Our performance here in Christchurch mirrors international demand for gold, and interest is not fading. We are finding demand is still strong.”

Commonwealth Vault is delighted to help anyone who is interested in purchasing gold and silver products, with a good range to choose from. The company also offers an extensive range of safe deposit boxes for silver and gold.

“Our purchasers usually also store with us for complete peace of mind. Most people are not aware that household insurance generally does not cover gold stored at home. Purchase and storage with us is simple and safe,” says Jerome.

Visit the vault at 152 Oxford Terrace or call Kent Galpin on 0800 222 883 for inquiries about bullion and storage.

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