Water-based vs oil-based skin care

Skin care is all about finding what’s best for you and your skin’s needs.

Everyone is different, so it is never a one product fits all. You may notice some skin care products are oil-based and others water-based. So what’s the big difference, and what’s best? Let’s break it down.

Water-based formulas 

The active ingredients in these formulas are water-soluble and are best known for their featherlight, ‘barely-there’ texture.
With these lightweight formulas, the finish almost disappears on your face. This means that once applied, you’ll be left with a shine-free, non-greasy finish. They usually deliver good hydration but also absorb quickly, with no residue. When it comes to skin types, water-based formulas will often be ideal for oily, combination, or teen skin types, because of their shine-free finish. Dehydrated skin types may also enjoy water-based face cream formulas because they offer a good dose of hydration.

Oil-based formulas

These formulas contain active ingredients that are oil-soluble. And while your water-based products are light, an oil-based formula is rich and will feel heavier on the skin. The finish of an oil-based formula also tends to be more glowy and dewy. This makes them ideal for anyone who wants their skin care to give them a big boost of radiance. When it comes to skin types, oil-based formulas will often be good for drier skin types, ageing skin, or anyone who enjoys the feeling of a richer moisturiser.

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