Vetting your pet’s vet

A good vet is crucial to ensure your pet’s wellbeing.

Choosing a trusted clinic and veterinarian is important to ensure your pet sees a good outcome while putting you at ease that they are in good hands. Communication and caring values are priorities so that current and potential issues are evaluated and explained appropriately.

Vet bills are expensive, yet our loving companions deserve good care. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In this situation, it is normally true. If you’re opting for the cheaper bills, it is likely your pet will receive a lower-level standard of care and experience. Just like you would for a loved one needing hospital care, keep your pet’s veterinary needs to the same standard.

Research first

Do your research: Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find out which vets give excellent service. Talk with fellow pet owners, dog clubs and the like to see who they recommend in specific areas. Find out if they’re good at keeping in touch and care about their customers, opening hours and location for your practicality, extra offerings such as physiotherapy or obedience training, and the expertise and experience of the veterinarians. Check out their website, if they have one.
Make contact: Whether visiting the clinic or giving the vet a call, get in touch with them. This will help to establish an initial connection and first impression of their professionalism, friendliness, decorum, and dedication to their service.
Look at reviews: Reviews, in most cases, can be trusted like you would a friend, so look at what others have rated your prospective vet before you engage. Plus, reviews typically provide honest opinions that you might not get from a vet trying to attract your business.

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