A guide to mixing gold and silver jewellery

Labelled a ‘defining trend’ of 2024, blending silver and gold metals in the same look is everywhere at fashion weeks lately, and those embracing it haven’t done so lightly.

Huge gold bangles stacked on silver ones, multiple rings of both metals worn on one hand, and chains layered upon chains — the aesthetic has come out in full force. Too many of us assume that once you invest in gold jewellery, or vice versa, you can’t wear the other in the same look. Over time, it somewhat became an unwritten rule, despite watches commonly combining the two metals.

Consider this your public service announcement: this ‘style faux pas’ is a myth. Collectively, the modern feeling is that mixing metals is playful and interesting. Gold and silver dance together in unison. The metals each give off very different feelings, and when paired together, they do a great job of complementing one another. With silver a reactive metal and gold non-reactive, corrosion or damage are unlikely, however, the risk of scratching remains.

Getting the right combinations is easy when you know the tricks. Metropol has put together some tips for easy styling.

Play with proportions and textures: experiment with lengths and textures of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Test your eye for effective juxtaposition. Stack it up: stack rings and bangles for a bold statement yet keep to either dainty or chunky pieces in each stack.
Aim for balance: as much as possible, keep it even. If overdone, the metals may compete, and cohesion will be lost.
Find pieces that do it for you: just like this two-tone piece from local jeweller French Style Lab (pictured), sourcing jewellery that blends the two metals can be a simple styling hack.


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