Time running out for re-repairs: WD Build

The Directors of WD Build and Hardy Projects, Mitchell James and Paul Hardy would like to urgently remind Canterbury homeowners that the final date to register with EQC for over-cap on-sold properties for repair is October 14, 2020.


“We are very close to deadline now, so anyone with doubts about the quality of their repair should call us for a free assessment as soon as they can,” says Mitch.

The EQC $300m policy for homeowners of over-cap on-sold properties in Canterbury enables affected homeowners to apply for an ex gratia government payment to have their homes repaired.

The payment is also available if the same owners had the home, but believed the repairs done post-earthquakes were not satisfactory or overlooked levelling.

WD Build and Hardy Projects have been at the forefront of this process, helping homeowners get the very best of home repairs.

Mitchell and Paul have helped owners with the process from the paperwork at the very beginning, to handing over beautifully finished homes at the completion of the project.

“We have so much experience with the EQC process, as well as bringing our building expertise from foundations upwards, to the repair,” says Mitchell.

Details for EQC repairs are available at www.eqc.govt.nz. Remember to register by October 14, 2020.


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