The new standard in sustainable building: Health Based Building

The homes in which we live have a direct impact on our health and the environment, so the way we build matters.

Health Based Building developed Foreverbreathe Specification in response to demand for affordable, high performance, sustainable homes.
Foreverbreathe Specification delivers exceptional air quality and energy efficiency through a sophisticated combination of high-performance materials that work together to naturally reduce indoor humidity while increasing air tightness. Materials used have been carefully selected with consideration to their long-term impact, to ensure positive outcomes for the environment, human health, and
social well-being.

Health Based Building has constructed a world first Foreverbreathe Demonstration Home at 1062 Colombo St, Christchurch, to ensure you can experience the exceptional performance Foreverbreathe Specification provides.

Monitoring systems are embedded in the home to capture data 24/7. Monitoring involves eight aspects of importance to confirming Foreverbreathe Specification is delivering an affordable high performance, healthy sustainable home.

Health Based Building investigations have confirmed more than 500kgs of toxic plastic is involved in the average domestic home, a situation with a flow-on effect that damages the environment, and further impacts outdoor and indoor air quality. Waste management plans do not recognise the volume of hidden plastic pollution in our homes.

Only the minute percentage of waste is considered and even then, we have no answer to the problem. Foreverbreathe Specification is here to position prevention as the way to remove the homes we live in from contributing to global warming and ongoing environmental impacts.
“We invite you to visit the Foreverbreathe Demonstration Home to know more about Foreverbreathe Specification homes in use, the science and physics involved and who we involve as building professionals.” says co-founder Robin Curtis.

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