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Spring is almost here, so time for a health spring clean for yourself or your workplace. If you’ve deferred some wellness practices in pursuit of staying in and warm over winter, here’s nine simple strategies for a healthier spring you.

Remember this? 30 minutes a day, five days a week, add in two days of muscle-strengthening activities and you have an exercise routine. Simple! How’s the diet? Practice five plus a day, include whole grains, some lean meat and low-fat dairy or vegetarian/vegan alternatives. There complete.

Rethink your drink. Make it water and reduce sugary drinks and alcohol. Both are full of empty calories and over-consumption can lead to long term health-risk.

Getting enough sleep? Aim for seven hours a night and if you aren’t hitting the mark, set strategies to work towards it.

Quit smoking! Any time’s a good time. It’s not just your health but that of whānau and friends.

Stay covered in the sun and include a good SPF. No need to be dowdy, sun safe can be chic, as can having beautiful skin later in life.

Add dental hygiene to your spring clean. While we are brushing, flossing and probably gargling when was the last time you had a check-up? If it’s over a year, it’s time to book.

And remember, prevention is better than cure. Maintain your health checks, utilise health-screening services and as we are products of our genealogy, learn and share your family history.


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