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Whether it’s a blank canvas or an existing garden, taking the time to reflect on your landscape design now will ensure you have the garden of your dreams for years to come.




The design team at Oderings Landscaping encourages clients to consider the following when planning a new or improved garden.


How will you use your garden?
Is it space for your children to play, to throw a ball for your dog, or would you like to grow your own edibles year-round? Maybe the focus is on outdoor entertaining, or a secluded oasis to retreat to after a hard week at work?


What is your vision?
Do you have a design theme in mind? Do you like a formal or informal setting? Features to think about are plant textures and whether you like lots of flowers, coloured foliage, fruiting plants, low maintenance, evergreen or deciduous, natives or exotics, scented or edibles. If you don’t know where to start, take pictures of garden features you admire or search the internet/Pinterest for inspiration.


What are your must-haves?
What would you like to incorporate into your design? This may include water features, raised garden beds or a deck with plenty of lighting for outdoor entertaining. Don’t forget to think about pathways, seating, BBQ areas and fences.


Think outside the square
Are there any issues you would like to address? These include but are not limited to privacy, soil condition, sun and wind issues, noise, drainage and allergies.


How much time are you willing to invest in your garden?
This is where you need to be honest. Are you content spending time over the weekend on maintenance? It’s possible to have a garden with wow factor that won’t take up all your spare time. Oderings helps make the correct plant choices to suit any lifestyle.


Future Proof:
Now is the time to consider the what-ifs. Consider laying conduits under driveways, paths or decks as they are installed, allowing for any irrigation, power or lighting you many want later. Will you need extra water sources in the future? Consider installing multiple tap points around the property.

Feeling overwhelmed? This is where the professionals come in. The design team at Oderings has a Landscape Architect ready to help make this process as seamless and stress-free as possible, ensuring you get the best garden, every time.


For more information contact admin@oderingslandscaping.co.nz.


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