Buried treasure! Terra Viva

Bury these beauties now and look forward to beautiful colour in spring! Yes, spring bulbs are now in stock and right now is planting time, Terra Viva’s Peter Worsp tells Metropol.     What to plant? Spring bulbs herald the start of the new season and you can extend the season easily by choosing the […]

Growing good health: Terra Viva

There’s plenty to love about growing your own fruit and vegetables. Terra Viva’s Peter Worsp tells Metropol about the holistic health benefits of this rewarding pastime.   MIND MATTERS The mental health benefits of gardening in general have been well documented in studies; ranging from early-onset dementia to hyperactive children. The studies pinpoint the calming […]

Success is in the soil: Terra Viva

The topic of soil doesn’t sound as exciting as talking about stunning strongly-scented roses or a bumper crop of sweet strawberries, it’s actually more important. Terra Viva’s Peter Worsp tells us why.     PREPARATION IS KEY: Like most things in life, the preparation determines the end results – and this applies to success in […]

Easy summer success with roses

Wanting six months of colour, great picking and good scent? Terra Viva Owner Peter Worsp tells us why you should look no further than roses.     Don’t be fooled by the rose ‘experts’ who tell you that roses are ‘needy’ when it comes to care and attention – they’re actually very hardy and their […]

Growing vegetables = Growing health: Terra Viva Home and Garden

Growing your own vegetables is a win-win all round. High in vitamins A and C, antioxidants, minerals and fibre, vegetables protect against heart disease and cancer. The mental health benefits too have been well documented.     By Terra Viva Owner Peter Worsp   The 1959 rehab programme for war veterans included working in the […]

Terra Viva

Christmas goes ‘modern NZ’: Terra Viva

Iconic Christchurch store Terra Viva is a veritable mecca of all things Christmas, between the garden centre, the inspiring home and giftwares department, and the fully-licensed café. Metropol catches up with Terra Viva’s effervescent Peter Worsp about what we can expect to see decking the halls in 2018.     Terra Viva Home & Garden […]

Terra Viva

The annual bout of spring fever: Terra Viva

It happens every year without fail! Looking out at the dismal garden on a grey July day I often wonder if we’ll summon the enthusiasm to ‘attack’ the garden once again. But sure enough, by mid-August we’re suddenly buzzing around like worker bees, dreaming of summer vegetables and flowering colour everywhere     So how […]

Terra Viva

Make winter a big old softie: Terra Viva Director Peter Worsp on how to soften the winter chill

Driving through heavy new snow in early April, I got the impression that winter could be early, long, and none too clement. Which is all fine if you’re a hibernating bear, but for those who have to carry on as per normal, despite sub-zero temperatures and limited daylight, home becomes a refuge against the outside […]