Upgrade your cyber security now!

Don’t think a cyber attack can’t happen to you or your business. Last month’s cyber attack on the Waikato District Health Board is a wake-up call for all businesses, organisations and computer users in Aotearoa.     Thought to have come through an email attachment, the attack crashed the health board’s electronic systems, delaying elective […]

Smart security solutions: Combined Security Solutions

Looking after the electronic security for a large college campus and boarding houses is a mammoth task – but once a smart system is designed, the high priority of safety is simple.     Site-wide security systems, access control, to protect over 1500 pupils, 300 staff, visitors and college assets at St Andrew’s College was […]

Locked and loaded: Access Lock Specialists

The way we keep our cars locked up, secure, and still in our driveway has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Two men who know this better than most are Roger Barriball and Richard Nind, who established Access Lock Specialists Ltd in 2007.     At that time, laser cut transponder keys and keyless […]

Prestigious security: Combined Security Solutions

Designing security CCTV products is a critical job and Combined Security Solutions co-director Paul McCormick doesn’t underestimate its importance. Using the correct camera and location for the field of view required is paramount. This, together with the calculation of bandwidth along with hard disc drive storage of images and activity detection settings, all determine the […]