Locked and loaded: Access Lock Specialists

The way we keep our cars locked up, secure, and still in our driveway has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Two men who know this better than most are Roger Barriball and Richard Nind, who established Access Lock Specialists Ltd in 2007.



At that time, laser cut transponder keys and keyless entry into vehicles were just starting to take off, but so many cars were yet to fully embrace the technology.

Today, just about every new car comes with these kinds of keys; where the car simply recognises you have your key with you to be start the car.

However, while this technology makes fumbling in our pockets for our car keys a thing of the past, it still can’t prevent keys being lost or stolen.

Access Lock Specialists know transponder keys and smart key fobs better than anyone and can help if you require a new smart key or spare for your car.

Able to programme and chip the required key to match your individual car’s on-board computer, Richard and Roger also recommend having two key fobs handy.

Operating from their showroom and workshop at 170 Waterloo Road, Hornby, the team will come to your rescue, not just for automotive keys, but also the supply, service and installation of safes as well as home and commercial locks.

For more information and their full list of services, visit their website.


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