The power of red

  Classic, passionate, and powerful, red makes a statement, on your lips, over your shoulder or from head to toe. Wearing red can be soft and romantic, it can be bold and assertive; there is a reason it has been seen on runways for decades, always coming back around no matter the season.   Strong […]

Modern Reds: RESENE

This boldly beautiful space showcases the new trend for striking reds, which, when contrasted with other bold shades and natural textures create an exotic Pasifika look, by way of Morocco.     On this side of the world, with our clear, bright, natural light, we have traditionally opted for bluer, deeper reds such as the […]

Colour Therapy

We’ve long paid heed to the critical nature of colour when it comes to our homes, but it’s high time we took this into consideration when filling our wardrobes. Research shows that fashion is one of the simplest ways we can transform our emotions and confidence may just be a power outfit away!   So […]

A Dynamic Drive

It is really hard not to be at least a little bit impressed with the new Honda Civic RS Sensing. While the last bit of the name does seem a tad strange at first, it becomes clear the tenth generation of one of Honda’s most cherished models, makes more ‘sense’ than ever before.   The […]

Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Cherry red is adding a powerful punch to our wardrobes this sartorial season, most popularly paired with more muted tones of warm beige and deep whisky browns that are tiptoeing into consumer consciousness for 2019.     Cherry red is a “full-bodied” colour, which Vogue describes as ideal to enhance velvet, tulle and satin, recreating […]

Christmas Style

Christmas Style

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t just have to be about adorning your home. We have some clever ways to bring Christmas into your wardrobe. Whether subtle or celebratory, taking the Christmas spirit to the streets will bring cheer to one and all.     Metallics are this season’s fashion star. Harness this timely coincidence and exude […]

Cherry on the Top

Cherry on the Top

Cherry red certainly packs a sartorial punch. The fiery shade is dominating the fashion shows this season, with a look which has us all hot around the sartorial collar and not just when looking through rose-tinted glasses.     Bold tomato red hues stood out on the SS18 catwalks of several designers, including Victoria Beckham, […]


Autumnal edge: diving into the deep red tones of fashion

Though it’s more commonly known as autumn on this side of the world, the fact this season’s moniker is known to some as fall is a fashionable little irony, as we’re falling for this shade in all its seasonal glory. Whether you think of it as plum, burgundy, deep red, maroon, wine or even oxblood […]