Powerful Plants

Edgy fast-food outlet Hell Pizza pulled a cheeky stunt recently, announcing that its new ‘Burger Pizza’ contained a pea-protein meat substitute by the culinary innovators at Beyond Meat. Opening minds and causing quite the debate in the process, this social experiment reiterated that nationally, plant-based foods are growing in popularity. We check out some of […]

The reinvention of veganism: Green Dinner Table

With veganism on the rise globally, Green Dinner Table is dedicated to making sure a plant-based diet is easily accessible to Cantabrians; healthy, quick to prepare and, above all, delicious.     Christchurch friends Tom Riley and Cole Stacey set up the business in 2016 and are excited to soon launch the service in Wellington. […]

Vegetables take centre stage

Meat and three vege has long been a staple of Kiwi dinners, but it seems the culinary tables are turning. Vegetables are increasingly taking centre stage and not just for the vegetarians amongst us.     We seem to be more open to a variety of vegetables that were once considered undesirable as we witness […]