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2021 in colour

Each December, the design world turns its attention to one announcement: The Pantone Colour of the Year. For just the second time in its 22 year history, two colours were selected as the hues which will define the year ahead – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a vivacious yellow.

Steady any room with a grey palette. Brosa Palermo 3 Seater Sofa in Cloud Grey



Pantone says the colours for 2021 are opposing, yet complimentary – signalling a theme of unity and mutual support which reflects the year which has been, and the one to come.

While grey is solid and dependable, yellow is optimistic and bright.

Together, these colours symbolise comfort, hope and fortitude, and this is Metropol’s take on how you can incorporate the shades (and their meanings) into your abode this year, and beyond.


A pop of optimism. Desino Yellow Dotted Citrus Poster


Comforting greys – in more ways than one. Lujo Large Floor Cushion


Artistic fun brightens any living space. Rotalina Eden Floor Lamp in Sunflower Yellow


Resene Quarter Scarpa Flow


Faux florals don’t dim. Adairs Mimosa Stem


Sturdy and stable. Satara Australia Bailey Chair in Steel Grey


Love and peace. Yellow Peace Candle Hand


Serving up strength. Citta
Milu Serving Bowl


Glass always half full. Veneziano Tumbler in Amber.


Vanessa Nouwens’ Yellow Front Door in Resene Turbo.


urbane hues

Urbane hues: painting your world a calming colour

When it comes to home décor, colour has transformational abilities that are only limited by one’s imagination and the speed of a brush stroke.

urbane hues

Paint is all about making big changes for small change and this year the latest colour trends are getting a sophisticated makeover.
With tech-free sanctuaries a key colour trend this year, the calming effect of blue is making a big splash in the home. Pantone named Ultra Violet the 2018 Colour of the Year, with this rich, thoughtful shade of purple capable of adding energy and depth to any room.
We’re currently crushing on all-black rooms and 2018 is totally onboard with the sleek and sexy trend. Meanwhile dusty rose offers a beautiful reimagining of modern neutrals, with its pared-back elegance combining the simple chic of ecru and the vivacity of a classic pink.
On the other side of the spectrum, we’re seeing fiery reds, vibrant yellows, turquoise and rich earthy tones, while metallics never really left the colour party.
Chalky paint from the likes of Annie Sloan (pictured) is all the rage right now, with a matte finish that creates the soft, rustic incarnation of the urbane hues of 2018. If you need some help imagining how they might play out in your own space, then look no further.

Colour & styling by Carla Thompson H&B hair art & beauty.

An autumnal shake up: transforming your hair with Carla and the team at Hair Art & Beauty

Planning a hair shake-up? Need some inspiration from professionals around the world? H&B has been taking notes on the colour trends for autumn 2018 and is ready to help you transform your locks!

Colour & styling  by Carla Thompson H&B hair art & beauty.
Colour & styling by Carla Thompson H&B hair art & beauty.

With leaves changing and temperatures dropping, red and copper-based colours are making their comeback. The latest autumn trends point towards burgundy and purple-based reds being the must-have. With Pantone’s Colour of the Year being announced as Ultraviolet, many homages to this within the hair industry have been seen already. A dash of purple in a red or brown colour can give a striking result.
With moisture in the air, cold temperatures creeping in and heaters blasting in the office, you may feel a little lacklustre. The Keratin Blowout is an essential treatment for anyone struggling with frizz, fluff, or unmanageable hair. It leaves your hair significantly smoother for up to eight weeks, making blow-drying and flat-ironing a breeze. If done immediately following a colour service, Keratin Blowout will lock in your colour, helping it to look fresh for longer.
Along with its superstar stylists, H&B has beauticians armed with the best and brightest technology. The new Ultraceuticals Sonophoresis service is the perfect add-on to a facial. Using ultrasonic vibrations, it allows your skin to absorb the products used in your facial more efficiently. Pop into H&B now to get a glimpse of the day spa progress – opening this year!
If you would like to make a consultation appointment with a stylist or beautician, contact Hair Art & Beauty on 03-381 8939,, or book online at