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Kitchens with punch: Misco Joinery

Kitchen design in 2020 is going to be all about introducing feature colours and textures that add depth and style.



Moving away from neutral tones and white features, we’re now looking ahead to a whole new world of design to create a much more personalised, user-friendly influence for the heart of your home.

For more than 30 years, local, family-owned company Misco Joinery has been making ideas come to life throughout the Canterbury region and providing the whole package from design right through to installation.

This year they’re noticing that, in line with global trends, people are moving away from white kitchens and adding more colour, feature shelving and additions that make life in the kitchen much easier.

Waterfall kitchen islands are going to remain popular and melamine boards in grey, or warm wood grains, are being introduced to add texture and depth. Colour is even finding its way onto benchtops in a range of natural grey and marbled tones.

Outside the kitchen, the laundry is also going through changes, as they receive more attention. They are starting to include more design elements, a variety of storage options, and there’s also a growing emphasis on it feeling more like a room of its own.


The team at Misco Joinery say that while New Zealanders do tend to follow some of the Australian and European trends, Kiwis always make their homes their own by incorporating clean lines and making space work best for their lifestyle.

Misco Joinery is located at 62 Williams Street, Kaiapoi, employing more than 45 staff who work with residential and commercial builders, as well as private clients in both the South and North Islands.

The team of designers, manufacturers and installers may specialise in creating stunning kitchens, but they’re also the people to call for installing new wardrobes, laundries and commercial fit-outs.

To see the full scope on offer, features a range of imagery to give you an idea of the styles available, and builders’ showhomes are dotted around the country so you can see the product first-hand and discuss your options with the friendly and helpful staff.

For more information on how Misco Joinery can help with your next project, phone 03 383 4384, email, and check them out on Instagram @miscojoinerynz.



Statement Splashbacks

Imagine walking into your home after a long stressful day at work, it’s raining and dark outside; you turn on the lights in your kitchen and bam! A bright lime green splashback brightens the room and your mood instantly.



Splashbacks are seen in nearly every contemporary abode, such is the power of their practicality. But in 2019 kitchens, form is combining with function and splashbacks are making a style statement all of their own. They change the energy and vibe of the space instantly, allowing you to quickly and easily update the overall look and feel, or pull a colour scheme throughout the house.

Whether it is a bright colour, your favourite floral arrangement or even black and white family snaps, the popularity of statement splashbacks is only set to increase in the latter of 2019.  While bold colours and geometric designs may be the winners, chalkboard splashbacks can add practicality to their list of charms and a mirrored splashback can add much needed space to a room that’s on the small side.

Whether you’re a passionate foodie who loves the challenge of a new recipe, or you simply love to embrace creativity in design, the kitchen may just be the creative canvas you need. The beauty here is that change is only a few tiles away, so choosing wisely is no longer a prerequisite.



Islands in the sun

Kitchen islands are no longer an afterthought; rather they’ve become the mainstay of the contemporary Kiwi kitchen. We look at how to make the most of these modern kitchen must-haves.



  1. Put an unexpected twist on the classic kitchen island by choosing one with curved edges. This small difference allows for slightly more practicality – and safety, especially if you’ve got littlies. Curved islands also typically have more storage space than their rectangular counterparts.

  2. By extending your countertop overhang beyond the base of your kitchen island you’ll easily add extra space for seating more guests (and prepping food). Add a trio of bar stools and ta-da – you’ve got yourself an extra dining area/breakfast bar.

  3. Kitchen islands don’t need to be set in stone; if you want something that’s easily removable for rearrangement, try a freestanding island. They’re generally a bit smaller than your typical island, but much more versatile.

  4. Waterfall worktops – benchtops that flow over the edge, covering the side and reaching the floor – are skyrocketing in popularity due to visual continuity that’s sleek and minimal. But they’re not just for show – waterfall countertops protect cabinetry too. Popular options include marble, granite and varnished wood – even concrete is having a moment.

  5. Multi-functional kitchen islands are quite the addition to any kitchen; make the most of your storage by taking advantage of that space under (or even above) your kitchen island; add cupboards, drawers or open shelves. Hanging a pot rack or lazy Susan above the island is a fun way to add dimension.

  6. To break up an all-white kitchen, consider going for an island that’s unique – a statement colour perhaps, or textured quartz; offering timeless appeal, this stone is renowned for not scratching or marking easily, and it requires less upkeep than other materials like granite.

  7. A two-tiered island (an island with a raised bar extension) is a functional and stylish addition to any kitchen; they create a clear separation between the eating and preparation areas, making the kitchen look more organised. Mix and match textures for a unique look.

  8. For something a bit different, consider installing some lighting underneath a bevelled or extended countertop. The subtle lighting source provides tasteful ambience, while acting as a convenient nightlight.