Breaking the silence

Nikki Cleine woke up one morning when she was 34-years-old and realised she couldn’t hear herself speaking. Now, the Christchurch mother of three is sharing her story to help others hear again.     “I remember saying to my husband, ‘Did I just say that out loud?’ He said ‘yes’, and I realised I couldn’t […]

At last! I can Hear Again!

During the recent COVID-19 lockdown, we experienced a huge change to our daily lives. The normal buzz of activities and work slowed to a more pedestrian pace and it gave most people a chance to return to a simpler, family life. That is, if both of your ears were working!     When your main […]

Those hearing aids are sexy!

The team at Hear Again has been collectively solving hearing problems for over 50 years and thought they had seen and heard everything when it comes to hearing loss and hearing aids – until today! When being shown the very latest rechargeable, made-for-iPhone hearing aids, one of their longstanding clients exclaimed, “Man, those hearing aids […]

Listen Up!: Hear Again

There’s a special place to go in Hornby for anything to do with your ears and your hearing. It’s the Hear Again clinic right next door to the BNZ at The Hub.     The clinic is very accessible for people on the south side of the city with parking right at the door and […]

Helping you hear: Hear Again

Samantha Foster, co-owner and General Manager of Hear Again says that in helping adults of all ages with their hearing, it is usually family members who first notice hearing loss in a loved one and urge them to have their hearing checked. “Clients often come to Hear Again saying ‘I’m fine, everyone just mumbles in […]

Hear Again

Something to hear about: Hear Again hearing checks are the first step on the path to getting back your hearing

Granny, Granny did you hear me?” Because most hearing loss occurs gradually, it’s not always apparent to you. Family and friends notice though, repeating themselves, waiting patiently as you talk over the top of them, looking confused as you try to guess the question they asked and then respond with a pretty random answer! At […]