Exercise: the new health prescription: Freedom Health

From chronic low back pain to mental health, exercise has been shown to be a highly effective ‘prescription’ for many health conditions. We spoke to Cath Julius, Clinical Director at Freedom Health Physio and Pilates, about how you can enjoy the benefits of exercise too.     So if exercise is so effective, why do […]

Yoga Therapy Training: Flow Hot Yoga

As part of its dedication to healing and safe yoga practice, Flow Hot Yoga is now offering an intensive 100-hour course of Hansa Yoga Therapy Training with global yoga expert Vincent Bolletta.     So what exactly is yoga therapy and how is it different from regular yoga practice? Yoga therapy utilises poses, breathing techniques […]

Hit the reset button

Hit the reset button

For many of us, when the clock ticks over marking the beginning of another year, it represents the opportunity to hit the reset button and begin the quest for advancement.     Exercise is still the number one New Year’s resolution for most Kiwis and is in fact also the number one sport in New […]

On Point: Barre Workout

On Point: The latest fitness craze is barre (and we love it)

The fitness industry has forged an almost cult-like following because, although the fads come and go, a healthy diet and exercise is the closest formula we have to a fountain of youth. The latest craze turning heads faster than a pirouette is the barre workout and this is one recreational activity which we can honestly […]