Make mine a mocktail

  July is one month when many take up the ‘Dry July’ cause to raise funds for cancer sufferers, turning from cocktails to mocktails.     Cancer affects one in three New Zealanders in one form or another, which is a good reason to support Dry July, yet there are plenty of other times when […]

Summer of 42

  “Here’s to alcohol, the rose-coloured glasses of life.” – Scott Fitzgerald Fast forward and we are living an age where non-alcoholic drinks might be considered by many to be the glasses of life. In a nod to drinking in moderation, Black Pineapple has teamed up with the leading alcohol-free spirit company, Seedlip, for a […]

Paying lip service

  Harsh winter conditions aren’t always kind to lips, but there are a few tried and true remedies for keeping yours looking luscious.     Hydration is number one. People tend to hydrate less in winter, but it is essential to still drink plenty during the colder months. Dehydration will leave your lips dry and […]